VR Art Film, 2016

„Wir waren nie weg. Die Blaupause 360°“ is the VR adaption of the theater production of the same title by Christiane Mudra. A southern German genre-piece, which uses the stylistic means of the Italo-Western. The investigative theatre performance is the first part of a trilogy and focuses on the continuity of rightwing networks from the Munich „Oktoberfestattentat“ in 1980 to the NSU murder series in sight. The experience takes the user to the places of action. It was showcase infront of the Reichstag, Berlins parliamentary building. INVR co-produced the VR Adaption of „Wir waren nie weg. Die Blaupause“ together with Christiane Mudra.

Director: Christiane Mudra
Production Designer: Julia Kopa
Assistant Director: Pascale Ruppel
Cinematography: Christian Möller
Sound: Peer Quednau
Editing: Philipp Wenning
Stitching and Editing Assistant: Jessica Zippel
Compositing: Ba Linh Va
Executive Producer: Christiane Mudra
Executive Poducer (INVR): Sönke Kirchhof

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