VR feature film, 2015

In Co – Operation with Ovalfilm GmbH, Melange and reallifefilm international GmbH we realized a first 12 minutes narrative VR Mini Series Pilot: „Wait for me“.

Writen and directed by: Michel Reilhac
Produced by: Michel Reilhac, Robert Cibis, Sönke Kirchhof
Line Producer: Jessica Zippel
DoP: Christian Möller
360° Rig Tech / DIT: Jens Hallmann
Creative Technologists: Philipp Wenning, Carl Guynette, Sönke Kirchhof
Best Boy: Paul Nungesser
VR Editing Supervisor: Alex Herrmann
Stitching / Pipeline Supervisor: Tobias Stärk

Binaural Sound Recording & Editing: Lasse Kuhlmann

You can download a complementary APP here (sorry, Google Play Store / Android only): WFM ANDROID

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