VR Art Experience, 2017

In „The Nothing is coming“ Josephine Decker playfully deals with the question of what happens when children – according to statistics – come into contact with pornographic images at the early age of seven. In doing so, the premature experience of sexuality breaks into the child’s consciousness and causes a feeling of alienation, which the filmmaker depicts in surreal-looking choreographies of movements that evoke threatening discomfort. It (the camera) takes the child’s perspective here. Supported by the immersive effect of VR, the child’s gaze is overwhelmed. The following cheerful interplay of dance and music try to trigger an appropriation of the incomprehensible „nothing“ („The Nothing is coming“). Nothing“ stands here as a metaphor for sexual desire. The „Number 7 Song“ played for this purpose, which humoristically refers to the aforementioned statistical survey, performs an age-appropriate description of the sexual act through its naive and enlightening lyrics. The work, held in the ironic, enlightened style of a Muppet Show, seeks to de-traumatize the child’s gaze through the abstract translation of the sexual act into dance, music and poetry.

The Film was presented as a VR Installation at the Exhibition „Future Cinema“ at Wolf Studio. „The Nothing is Coming“ is a Wolf Production, co-produced by INVR and supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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