VR Fiction, 2018

For the exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem, director Dani Levy made four fictional 360°/VR short films in the holy city. The five- to eight-minute episodes present life at a focal point of the Middle-East conflict from Israeli and Palestinian perspectives, characterized by the dry humor familiar from Levy’s other films.With virtual-reality glasses, viewers can directly and immersively experience the ambivalence and intensity of the city together with a stand-up comedian, a soldier at a checkpoint, and a sharpshooter over the roofs of the Old City. Sometimes they are just observers, while at other times the films address them, involving them in the scenes.

Stories from Jerusalem premiered at the Exhibition „Welcome to Jerusalem“ at Jewish Museum Berlin.

INVR was involved in the post production of the 4 episodes and and provided technical support and equipment for the exhibition.

All clips are available in the arte app (PlayStore / iTunes) or online.


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