VR Music Video, 2016

Take a seat next to Friedrich Liechtenstein and dive into the bizarre universe of this unique entertainer.

As a part of the ARTE theme day “Tankstellen-Träume” (GASOLINE DELUXE) with Friedrich Liechtenstein, together with Gebrueder Beetz we produced the Music Video of the opening song “1000 Liter” on behalf of ARTE and ZDF. A musical roadtrip with surprises all along the way.

The VR music video premiered at the Media Convention in May 2016 and was available in the arte360 VR app.

Executive producer: Christian Beetz (Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion)
Co-Production: Sönke Kirchhof (INVR.SPACE GmbH/ reallifefilm international GmbH)
Commissioning editors: Olaf Grunert, Alexander Knetig, Kay Meseberg
Director: Uwe Flade
DoP: Christian Möller



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