VR Video Installation, 2016
In Border Act refugees are prepared in the fictional context of improvisational theater in dealing with authorities. Among other things, it comes to make processes visible that usually take place behind closed doors and thus achieve no public visibility. Where staging with the personal attitude and the particular history of the protagonist accompany and thus negotiates real circumstances for a new space-critical presence survey, treated by the given relationships between politics, media and the public open. The immersive video installation, edited as a compilation of various different contexts and designed as a game with nested levels of reality, including the audience. The viewer is put in the middle of the action and can individually experience the scenery.
Cast: Mehdi Hussain Bangash, Elobeid Elmesbah, Katharina H├Âlbing, Ismail Jama, Claudia Kasebacher, Wolfgang Klingler, Christina Matuella, Askar Niman, Osayi Okundaye, Endurance Osayamwen Uwadia, Simona Schett
Artist: David Rych
Exhibition: Tiroler K├╝nstlerschaft


Border Act wurde im Rahmen der stadt_potenziale Innsbruck im Jahr 2014 gef├Ârdert. Das Projekt ist zugleich ein Follow-Up im Rahmen des Internationalen Fellowship-Programms f├╝r Kunst und Theorie im K├╝nstlerhaus B├╝chsenhausen, dessen Stipendiat David Rych 2012/13 war und wo der K├╝nstler das Filmvorhaben urspr├╝nglich entwickelt hat.


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