INVR and synthesis gallery join forces for immersiVR:

the first dedicated, tailored customer experience of its kind: a platform combining art, technology and programming aimed at the largescale distribution of Virtual Reality (VR) art, making it affordable and easily accessible to the general public.

Virtual reality technology offers a magnified, visually captivating world, changing mainstream ways of embodiment and interaction. Through VR, artists can explore new ways of creating multi sensorial environments and narratives.

immersiVR provides an artistic experience through a user-friendly VR headset for rent – shipped anywhere within the EU, no deposit required – with access to a collection of ambitious virtual reality artworks produced by pioneering artists in the medium. synthesis supports immersiVR with its artistic direction: a bi-annual programme with a new set of VR artworks every five months, allowing the ultimate user to experience some of the most important art that is creating the current landscape of virtual reality and shaping the conversation of its future.

The exhibition Uncharted Territories for immersiVR closed on March 31st. Stay tuned for the upcoming exhibition opening soon.

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