Patricia Detmering (b. 1980, DEU) in her work APORIA, designs a virtual space where power dynamics interlace and overlap, change and dissolve, yet seem to balance out organically.

The residents of APORIA (i.e. human avatars driven by Artificial Intelligence algorithms) find harmony in the same unwritten rules they follow when engaging and interacting with each other. Until a disturbing factor – a new human avatar, a stranger – arrives to alter the pre-established order.

Detmering draws on Elias Canetti’s seminal work ‘Crowds and Power’ to create a social playground for experimental dynamics of integration and cointegration, separation and insularity, tolerance and prejudice.


Born in the former GDR, Detmering’s work engages with critical topics related to society, particularly relevant to her life. In her practice, Detmering often relies on digital media, intertwining it with paintings and sculptures that frequently are part of her installations. Detmering’s artworks have been exhibited in the US, Japan, Israel and Europe.

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