about IN VR

IN VR is a Virtual Reality Full Service Production Studio. We are a crew of creatives and technologists who serve clients as well as keep following our own visions to master the beauty and craft of VR. We support you very hands on, rent out equipment, do concept design, consulting and software development.
We have a vast amount of gear, knowledge to produce and postproduce VR Content as well as a global network to VR Professionals. On top of that we build our own camera rigs and engage in different fields of Research and Development.

Spacial and binaural audio Production can be offered, as perfect enhancements for VR Projects. We are out there to experiment and explore new interesting and unexpected ways to use Virtual Reality.

We are constantly looking for partners with strong artistic visions to join forces and play together. Some Partners we worked with in the past:



HUAWEI & Fraunhofer HHI
Future of VR


Philipp Wenning
(director & schnittmeister)

Philipp has studied Film- and TV directing at FAMU Prague and editing at the Filmuniversity Potsdam Babelsberg. Directing his first narrative 180° panorama film „The Imagonaut“ (premiere: Berlinale Talents International Filmfestival 2014) he startet to think outside the rectangular frame. At INVR.SPACE he is responsible for developing narrative concepts for Virtual Reality and creative postproduction workflows for our custom built camerasystems.

Christian Möller
(director of photography)

Christian has studied Cinematography at Filmuniversity Potsdam Babelsberg. He has more than 10 years of experience as a 1st camera assistant and Director of Photography in different fields of filmmaking (narrative, documentary, commercial). At INVR.SPACE he is responsible for developing strong visual imagery and for building and operating customized 360° Camerarigs.

Alex Herrmann
(associated producer)

Alex has a vast knowledge in creating, producing and distributing new and digital media. Proven during the last 15 years in fields of writing, producing and consultanting. At INVR.SPACE he is in charge to bring together top notch technology with strong artistic approaches and find a way to put it out into the market.

Sönke Kirchhof
(executive producer / ceo)

Sönke is member of FKTG and the 3D Guild. He studied political sience in Hamburg and Film – and TV Production at Filmuniversität Babelsberg. Sönke works in the fields of VR, stereoscopic filmmaking, VFX and CGI Postproduction as well as Research and Development in arts and technology since more than 15 years. At INVR.SPACE he is in charge of all business related operations.



We love what we do and want to spread the craft and beauty of VR. We offer Workshops and seminars for VR Content Development, Production and Post-Production. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for details!



We offer creative and technical solutions for VR Productions. We rent out Equipment for VR Shootings, VR Live Streaming and Postproduction Facilities.



Leuschnerdamm 31
10999 Berlin
fon: +49 (0)30 62739884